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Food and Beverages market reports on Saudi Arabia provides the latest happenings of the segment indicating the strong and new brands.
Other Pet Food in Saudi Arabia

Other pet food is expected to maintain healthy growth in 2017 thanks to its current low sales base. The category is benefiting from the fact that other pets are often seen as low maintenance options, while aquariums and bird cages can also serve as a

May, 2017 USD $990.00
100% Home Delivery/Takeaway in Saudi Arabia

Petrol prices in Saudi Arabia increased by more than 50% in 2016. Together with the official government policy of Saudisation, whereby private businesses are encouraged to employ native Saudis rather than expatriates, this significantly increased ope

May, 2017 USD $990.00
Fast Food in Saudi Arabia

The entry of more women into the workforce was one of the main factors driving the positive development of fast food in 2016. This trend not only increased household incomes, but also left many women with less time to cook for themselves and their fa

May, 2017 USD $990.00
Cafes/Bars in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s large population of young adults was the primary contributor to continued growth in current value sales for cafés/bars in the country in 2016. Independents remained dominant within the category, claiming an overall value sale

May, 2017 USD $990.00
Full-Service Restaurants in Saudi Arabia

Due to a general lack of entertainment facilities in Saudi Arabia, the main options open to consumers looking for ways to spend their leisure time are dining out, shopping and travelling. This continued to bolster the performance of full-service rest

May, 2017 USD $990.00
Self-Service Cafeterias in Saudi Arabia

Self-service cafeterias remains a minor consumer foodservice category in Saudi Arabia. This is because due to the country’s culture and traditions, many consumers do not find the concept of self-service appealing.Self-Service Cafeterias in Sau

May, 2017 USD $990.00
Street Stalls/Kiosks in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, street stalls/kiosks outlets are mainly found in shopping malls, indoor leisure facilities and petrol stations, as well as on main roads and busy streets. In recent years, this category has benefited from regulatory changes allowing

May, 2017 USD $990.00
Consumer Foodservice By Location in Saudi Arabia

Operators in stand-alone locations continued to dominate consumer foodservice in Saudi Arabia in 2016, accounting for 68% of total current value sales, 61% of total transactions and 64% of total outlet numbers. This dominance was mainly due to the st

May, 2017 USD $990.00
Consumer Foodservice in Saudi Arabia

Despite economic concerns, current value sales growth for Saudi Arabia’s consumer foodservice market in 2016 was up slightly on the previous year. Consumer spending continued to grow, albeit at a slower pace than in 2015, and was not significa

May, 2017 USD $2100.00
Al Ahlia Restaurants Co in Consumer Foodservice (Saudi Arabia)

During the forecast period, it is expected that the company will continue expanding its operations in fast food and full-service restaurants, as the outlook for both of these categories remains bright in Saudi Arabia.Euromonitor International Local C

May, 2017 USD $150.00
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