Highly Competitive Consumer Goods Industry makes life easy for buyers in Saudi Arabia

With the number of malls that are coming up (world’s largest soon to be constructed) the consumer goods industry in Saudi Arabia needs no introduction. Products from multiple industries are available; heavy competition is making easy access possible throughout the region.

Arabian Oud Co in Retailing (Saudi Arabia)

Arabian Oud is expected to continue to invest in outlet volume expansion in Saudi Arabia during the forecast period, although the bulk of its expansion is expected to be international. Within Saudi Arabia, the company will continue to maintain con

May, 2013 USD $150.00
Al Bandar Trading Co in Retailing (Saudi Arabia)

Al Bandar Trading is expected to continue to expand outlet volume rapidly in Saudi Arabia during the forecast period. The company will take advantage of its strong links with mall development and will focus its outlet volume expansion on high-traf

May, 2013 USD $150.00
Al Sawani Group in Retailing (Saudi Arabia)

Al Sawani is in danger of being left behind in retailing against a backdrop of considerable investment by its competitors. Unless the company returns to stronger outlet volume expansion, it is likely to lose share in both outlet volume and transac

May, 2013 USD $150.00
Fawaz Al Hokair Group in Retailing (Saudi Arabia)

Fawaz Al Hokair is expected to further expand its brand portfolio during the forecast period. In September 2012, the company launched a new franchise model for grocery retailer Tesco's Florence & Fred, with this affordable brand opening its own ou

May, 2013 USD $150.00
Home Improvement and Gardening Stores in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia faced a marked shortage of housing at the end of the review period, with an estimated shortfall of two million homes. This hindered sales for many product areas within home improvement and gardening stores. However, the channel benefi

May, 2013 USD $990.00
Al Othaim Commercial Group in Retailing (Saudi Arabia)

Al Othaim Commercial is expected to focus on reaching more customers during the forecast period through outlet volume expansion and also by extending its internet retailing operations beyond Riyadh. Other major cities in Saudi Arabia are likely to

May, 2013 USD $150.00
M H Alshaya Co in Retailing (Saudi Arabia)

The health and wellness trend positively affected the consumption of vitamins and dietary supplements. Consumers in Norway were bombarded with a wide range of information on health and how to live longer, and vitamins and dietary supplements are p

May, 2013 USD $150.00
United Electronics Co in Retailing (Saudi Arabia)

United Electronics is expected to continue to focus on reaching a widening range of customers in Saudi Arabia during the forecast period, using a number of different strategies to achieve this aim. The company is for example likely to continue to

May, 2013 USD $150.00
Axiom Telecom LLC in Retailing (Saudi Arabia)

Axiom Telecom will continue to focus on expanding its distribution reach in Saudi Arabia and expanding its product range through strategic partnerships during the forecast period, such as that agreed with Zain KSA in early-2013. The company is lik

May, 2013 USD $150.00
Ghassan A Al Sulaiman Est in Retailing (Saudi Arabia)

Ghassan A Al Sulaiman is expected to continue to benefit from IKEA's fashionable appeal in Saudi Arabia during the forecast period. The brand offers a distinctive product range that appeals to many young and aspirational mid- to high-income consum

May, 2013 USD $150.00
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