Highly Competitive Consumer Goods Industry makes life easy for buyers in Saudi Arabia

With the number of malls that are coming up (world’s largest soon to be constructed) the consumer goods industry in Saudi Arabia needs no introduction. Products from multiple industries are available; heavy competition is making easy access possible throughout the region.

M H Alshaya Co in Apparel and Footwear (Saudi Arabia)

M H Alshaya aims to continue expanding its presence in Saudi Arabia through a wide array of investments in retailing. It not only plans to expand its existing brands under its umbrella but aims to further increase its portfolio of brands. This includ

May, 2015 USD $572.00
Wafir Factory For Industrial Detergents in Home Care (Saudi Arabia)

Wafir Factory for Industrial Detergents continues to lose ground in the highly competitive home care market and in particular, laundry detergents. The company is more focused on developing sales through off-trade channels, such as commercial laundret

May, 2015 USD $572.00
Apparel Accessories in Saudi Arabia

With the growing fashion sense among both young females and males in the country, demand for fashionable accessories grew, in order to complement their chosen apparel. Apparel accessories was an important part of overall dressing for both men and wom

May, 2015 USD $990.00
Menswear in Saudi Arabia

Saudi men rapidly evolved their fashion sense due to exposure to the Western world of fashion through various media, including digital media. They began to break the traditional norms of wearing plain colour clothing, mostly white or black, by experi

May, 2015 USD $990.00
Womenswear in Saudi Arabia

Females have become more prominent in Saudi Arabia than in the past. The employment rates for women grew as the government was keen to increase their share in the country’s workforce. Females were, therefore, more active on the social and economic

May, 2015 USD $990.00
Depilatories in Saudi Arabia

There is still a strong tradition for hair removal among women in Saudi Arabia, partly due to the country’s hot climate, but also due to religious recommendations towards the frequent removal of body hair. However, sales of depilatories continued t

May, 2015 USD $990.00
Sets/Kits in Saudi Arabia

Growth in sets/kits was driven over the review period by a strong rise in the number of tourists visiting Saudi Arabia, especially for religious tourism. Tourist arrivals rose in 2014, to reach 16.7 million. The rise in the number of tourists visiti

May, 2015 USD $990.00
Saudi Perfumes & Cosmetics Co Ltd in Beauty and Personal Care (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Perfumes & Cosmetics is expected to continue to benefit from rising disposable incomes in Saudi Arabia during the forecast period and from an increased awareness among consumers concerning good hygiene. These trends are expected to remain stron

May, 2015 USD $572.00
2015 Q2 Consumer Survey Data - UAE - Flavors & Fragrances

Summary In Q2 2015 we surveyed 500 respondents in UAE about their perceptions of fragrances and flavors. In this dataset they reveal what fragrances they associate with particular emotions and mindsets, as well as stating flavor

May, 2015 USD $995.00
Deodorants in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s increasing population and high temperatures remained the main factors driving growth in sales of deodorants over the review period. As well, increased consumer awareness concerning maintaining good hygiene and combatting body odour w

May, 2015 USD $990.00
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