Highly Competitive Consumer Goods Industry makes life easy for buyers in Saudi Arabia

With the number of malls that are coming up (world’s largest soon to be constructed) the consumer goods industry in Saudi Arabia needs no introduction. Products from multiple industries are available; heavy competition is making easy access possible throughout the region.

UAE Air Conditioners Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2020

United Arab Emirates faces extreme climatic conditions, with temperature often shooting up to 50o C during peak summer, and thereby air conditioner is more of a necessity product in the country. The major factors attributed to the growth of

Jun, 2015 USD $2200.00
Fawaz Abdulaziz Al Hokair & Co in Apparel and Footwear (Saudi Arabia)

Fawaz Abdulaziz Al Hokair is a leader within the apparel and footwear market in Saudi Arabia and is responsible for bringing a wide array of internationally-acclaimed brands into the country. It aims to strengthen its position, not just by continuing

May, 2015 USD $572.00
Dishwashing in Saudi Arabia

Although dishwasher penetration remains low, it is seeing a steady increase with the penetration growing to 24% in 2014 compared to 23% in 2013. This has led to growing demand for automatic dishwashing detergents. Hand dishwashing remains the largest

May, 2015 USD $990.00
Hosiery in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia witnessed an increase in overall health consciousness among the population towards the end of the review period. Consumers, especially the young generation, became more aware of the risks associated with obesity and a lack of physical ac

May, 2015 USD $990.00
Childrenswear in Saudi Arabia

Although birth rates are gradually falling in Saudi Arabia, they remained high at over 21% in 2014. According to World Bank data, 29% of the population is aged between 0-14 years. In addition, Saudis enjoy high disposable incomes and like to spend la

May, 2015 USD $990.00
Footwear in Saudi Arabia

Footwear enjoyed strong growth in Saudi Arabia in 2014 thanks to the young fashion-aware population in the country. Among men and women the desire to own fashionable footwear was immense. On the one hand, demand for high-end brands such as Louis Vuit

May, 2015 USD $990.00
Polishes in Saudi Arabia

Predominantly a desert terrain, Saudi Arabia is regularly hit by powerful dust storms throughout the year. The city of Riyadh alone is hit by at least five dust storms in a year. Although dust storms usually occur in the country at two specific times

May, 2015 USD $990.00
Modern Products Co in Home Care (Saudi Arabia)

Modern Products Co aims to capture more of the Saudi home care market by adding a wider variety of products, benefiting from the exclusive distribution licence for selling Procter & Gamble products. It seeks to grow aggressively through focusing inte

May, 2015 USD $572.00
Al Bandar Trading Co in Apparel and Footwear (Saudi Arabia)

Al Bandar Trading aims to maintain its leading position within apparel and footwear in Saudi Arabia by aggressive outlet expansion for its flagship brands Splash and Babyshop, as well as department store, Centerpoint. The company is rapidly gaining s

May, 2015 USD $572.00
Surface Care in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia continued to be severely affected by the MERS-CoV virus during 2014. By October 2014, 796 cases had been diagnosed, with 338 deaths. There has been an increased focus on overall hygiene practices at homes as well as in public places. The

May, 2015 USD $990.00
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