Highly Competitive Consumer Goods Industry makes life easy for buyers in Saudi Arabia

With the number of malls that are coming up (world’s largest soon to be constructed) the consumer goods industry in Saudi Arabia needs no introduction. Products from multiple industries are available; heavy competition is making easy access possible throughout the region.

Homeshopping in Saudi Arabia

Homeshopping is seeing intense competition from store-based retailing, which is growing at a rapid pace. Whereas leading players such as Citruss TV enjoy healthy margins and continue to introduce new products and services, the customer base

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Vending in Saudi Arabia

Vending witnessed a slowdown in its current value growth to 8% in 2015, compared with the CAGR of 9% seen during the review period. Growth in vending is affected by the strong network of store-based retailers, with which consumers are famili

Feb, 2016 USD $990.00
Retailing in Saudi Arabia

Retailing continued its growth momentum in 2015, thanks to the thriving economic conditions. With unemployment falling and disposable incomes increasing, Saudi Arabia’s economy showed an impressive performance despite engagement in a war i

Feb, 2016 USD $2100.00
Apparel and Footwear Specialist Retailers in Saudi Arabia

Demand for apparel and footwear continues to soar, as consumers are willing to spend on these goods, backed by rising disposable incomes. As a result, both economy and luxury brands are performing strongly. Fawaz Abdulaziz Al Hokair, the com

Feb, 2016 USD $990.00
Home and Garden Specialist Retailers in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has been witnessing steady population growth, which is pushing up the demand for housing units. The current demand for housing stands at 5.5 million units, which is way above the current supply; hence leading to a surge in housi

Feb, 2016 USD $990.00
Abdullah Al-Othaim Markets Co in Retailing (Saudi Arabia)

Abdullah Al-Othaim Markets aims to broaden its geographic presence outside of its core central region of Saudi Arabia, in order to capture a larger share of the thriving grocery retail market. Adding new outlets each year will remain the company’s

Feb, 2016 USD $150.00
Al Bandar Trading Co in Retailing (Saudi Arabia)

Al Bandar Trading seeks to enhance its presence in the country’s retail landscape through significant investment in its geographic presence, improved product quality, increased value-added services and effective marketing and communication strategi

Feb, 2016 USD $150.00
Al Nahdi Medical Co in Retailing (Saudi Arabia)

Al Nahdi Medical seeks to become the leading supplier of pharmaceutical as well as general healthcare products in the country through aggressive geographic expansion. It also seeks to increase awareness amongst the general public about health and ill

Feb, 2016 USD $150.00
Al-Azizia Panda United Inc in Retailing (Saudi Arabia)

Al-Azizia Panda United plans to remain the largest company within grocery retailers in Saudi Arabia, along with establishing a strong footprint across the GCC region. It is attempting to do this through: aggressive expansion activities across a broad

Feb, 2016 USD $150.00
Fawaz Abdulaziz Al Hokair & Co in Retailing (Saudi Arabia)

Fawaz Abdulaziz Al Hokair aims to become the leading non-grocery specialist retailer in the country and the GCC region, with a diverse portfolio of brands. It plans to accomplish this through the expansion of its current brands, as well as regularly

Feb, 2016 USD $150.00
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