Highly Competitive Consumer Goods Industry makes life easy for buyers in Saudi Arabia

With the number of malls that are coming up (world’s largest soon to be constructed) the consumer goods industry in Saudi Arabia needs no introduction. Products from multiple industries are available; heavy competition is making easy access possible throughout the region.

Sara Corp in Retailing (Saudi Arabia)

Sara Corp aims to expand its portfolio by investing in various consumer goods markets which have strong potential for growth in Saudi Arabia. The range of products the company offers includes beauty and personal care, fmcg and luxury goods. The compa

Feb, 2017 USD $150.00
Al Manhal Water Factory in Retailing (Saudi Arabia)

The company aims to further accelerate its growth and improve its share in direct selling of bottled water through expanding its presence in the Kingdom, with a particular focus on further strengthening its direct selling activities. The company sell

Feb, 2017 USD $150.00
Arabian Trading Supplies in Home Care (Saudi Arabia)

Arabian Trading Supplies (ATS) aims to extend its products in home care in Saudi Arabia through the marketing and distribution of Reckitt Benckiser products. It focuses on growing by increasing advertising as well as promotions, mostly at supermarket

Feb, 2017 USD $150.00
Danube Co Ltd in Home Care (Saudi Arabia)

Danube Company Limited is not only the first hypermarket in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but also the first key internet retailer among supermarkets and hypermarkets. It launched its online service in 2016 when no other local key internet retailers ex

Feb, 2017 USD $150.00
Modern Industries Co in Home Care (Saudi Arabia)

Modern Industries Co aims to capture more of Saudi Arabian home care by adding a wider variety of products, benefiting from the exclusive distribution licence for selling Procter & Gamble products. It seeks to grow aggressively through focusing inten

Feb, 2017 USD $150.00
Namshi General Trading LLC in Retailing (Saudi Arabia)

Internet retailer Namshi General Trading LLC aims to continue taking steps to increase its value share in internet retailing in Saudi Arabia and across the GCC region by constantly offering the latest international apparel and footwear brands at the

Feb, 2017 USD $150.00
Panda Retail Co in Retailing (Saudi Arabia)

In 2014, Al-Azizia Panda United Inc decided to change its name to Panda Retailing Co and, upon satisfying the necessary legal requirements, the company began doing business under its new name at the beginning of 2016. The company continues to focus o

Feb, 2017 USD $150.00
Internal Cleansers & Sprays (Feminine Hygiene) Market in Saudi Arabia - Outlook to 2020: Market Size, Growth and Forecast Analytics

SummaryInternal Cleansers & Sprays are usually liquid solutions / wipes infused with antiseptic chemicals and/or aloe vera and are used to clean a woman's genitals and/or anal tracts. Their application prevents dryness, rashes, odor

Jan, 2017 USD $500.00
Sanitary Pads (Feminine Hygiene) Market in Saudi Arabia - Outlook to 2020: Market Size, Growth and Forecast Analytics

SummarySanitary Pads (also sanitary napkin, sanitary towel, menstrual pad, maxi pad or pad) is an absorbent item worn by a woman while she is menstruating, recovering from vaginal surgery, for lochia (post birth bleeding), abortion,

Jan, 2017 USD $500.00
Female Fragrances (Fragrances) Market in Saudi Arabia - Outlook to 2020: Market Size, Growth and Forecast Analytics

SummaryFemale Fragrances (Premium / Prestige, Mass and Gift packs) marketed exclusively at women which are neither antiperspirants nor deodorants. Mass Fragrances are usually deployed via wide distribution retail channels such as gro

Jan, 2017 USD $500.00
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