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Accounting for nearly 50% of the total Middle East market, the Saudi Arabian medical devices market is estimated around US$ 1.1 Billion in 2013 and is expected to surpass USD 1.6 Billion by 2018, by registering a growth of 9% CAGR. The medical device sector is being anticipated to represent a strong growth in the coming years owing to overall increase in the health care spending, growing penetration by the healthcare insurance, increase in the per capita income, and huge investment in both human resources and infrastructure. A lot of initiatives have been introduced on the health front, which formidably contribute towards a changing scenario in all the allied fields of healthcare. Much is being done in terms of development of the health care setup both in terms of new treatment centers being planned and improvement of existing facilities. Many new specialties and super specialties facilities are being planned and introduced, which indirectly lead to upsurge in the demand of medical devices, equipments and services.

Domestic production of medical devices is very limited and restricted to very few items, which has plagued the industry since long and has made the sector highly imports driven. Imports are estimated to account for more than 80% of the overall market value and will continue to dominate in future due to limited production and small base of domestic manufacturers. “Saudi Arabia Medical Device Market Outlook 2018” by

1. Saudi Arabia Medical Device Market Overview

2. Saudi Arabia Medical Device Market Dynamics
2.1 Factors Driving the Market
2.2 Challenges to be Resolved
2.3 Emerging Market Trends

3. Saudi Arabia Medical Device Market by Segment
3.1 Dental
3.2 Imaging Devices
3.3 Orthopaedics
3.4 Consumables

4. Medical Device Trade in Saudi Arabia
4.1 Exports
4.2 Imports

5. Future Growth Opportunities
5.1 Expansion of Local Medical Device Manufacturers
5.2 Imported Device to Dominate Market
5.3 Gateway to Middle East Medical Device Market
5.4 Medical Device Maintenance Services

6. Medical Device Regulatory Landscape
6.1 Import License Requirements for Medical IVD Devices
6.2 Import License Requirements for Non-Medical IVD Devices
6.3 Storage, Handling & Transport of Medical Devices
6.4 Product Classification Requirements

7. Competitive Landscape
7.1 Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries & Medical Appliances Corporation (SPIMACO)
7.2 Alshifa Medical Syringes Manufacturing Co. Ltd
7.3 Jamjoom Hospital Supply (JHS)
7.4 Malesa MD&D

Figure 1-1: Medical Device Market Revenue (US$ Million), 2012 - 2018
Figure 1-2: Medical Device Market by Segment (%), 2012
Figure 3-1: Medical Device Market by Segment (%), 2013 & 2018
Figure 3-2: Dental Product Market (US$ million), 2012-2018
Figure 3-3: Dental Product Market by Segment (%), 2013 & 2018
Figure 3-4: Dental Chair & X-Ray Market (US$ million), 2012-2018
Figure 3-5: Dental Tools Market (US$ million), 2012-2018
Figure 3-6: Imaging Device Market (US$ million), 2012-2018
Figure 3-7: Imaging Device Market by Segment (%), 2013 & 2018
Figure 3-8: Electro Diagnostic Apparatus Market (US$ million), 2012-2018
Figure 3-9: X-Ray Machine Market (US$ million), 2012-2018
Figure 3-10: Orthopedics & Implantable Market (US$ million), 2012-2018
Figure 3-11: Medical Consumable Market (US$ million), 2012-2018
Figure 3-12: Medical Consumable Market by Segment (%), 2013 & 2018
Figure 3-13: Wound Care Market (US$ million), 2012-2018
Figure 3-14: Syringes & Needles Market (US$ million), 2012-2018

Saudi Arabia Medical Devices Report
The Saudi Arabia Medical Devices Report features forecasts for medical devices production, imports, exports and healthcare expenditure by Espicom, a Business Monitor International company (BMI).

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