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On the back of rising population, prevalence of lifestyle changes & infectious diseases, longer life expectancy & improving healthcare infrastructure, among others, Saudi Arabian Healthcare Sector is witnessing a significant growth over the past few years. The government and health regulatory authorities in the country have been taking keen interest in developing and enhancing healthcare infrastructure for increased accessibility. As per our latest research report “Saudi Arabian Healthcare Outlook to 2017,” the healthcare sector in the Kingdom is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of around 8.7% during 2013-2017.

On studying the market thoroughly, we observed that the trends, like growing penetration of international players, increasing government initiatives and rapidly developing new healthcare facilities were propelling healthcare industry in the country. The study of the emerging trends also revealed that the country was working for the betterment of medical education and related infrastructure, and was laying emphasis on the need to educate young Saudi healthcare professionals in terms of global standards.

This report is an outcome of extensive research and analysis of the Saudi Arabian Healthcare Industry. It provides an in-depth analysis of the contributions by MoH, private and other public sectors to the country’s healthcare industry, which includes study of existing healthcare infrastructure; hospital

1. Analyst View
2. Research Methodology
3. Emerging Market Trends
3.1 Growing Presence of International Players
3.2 Government Initiatives to Propel Healthcare Industry
3.3 Healthcare Education Infrastructure on Rise
3.4 Development of New Healthcare Facilities on Fast Pace
4. Healthcare Market Outlook to 2017
4.1 Healthcare Infrastructure
4.1.1 Hospital Bed Capacity MOH Hospitals Other Public Sector Hospitals Private Hospitals
4.1.2 Hospital Beds Demand Projection (2013-2017)
4.1.3 Hospital Occupancy Rate and Average Length of Stay
4.1.4 Investment Projection (2013-2017)
4.1.5 Hospital Health Force
4.2 Healthcare Profile
4.2.1 Epidemiological Backdrop
4.2.2 Diabetes
4.2.3 Cancer
4.2.4 Infectious Diseases
4.2.5 Hypertension
4.3 Health Insurance
5. Pharmaceutical Market
5.1 Market Overview
5.2 Import and Domestic Production
5.3 Branded and Generic Drugs
5.4 Trade of Pharmaceutical Products
6. Medical Device Market
6.1 Market Overview
6.2 Market Segmentation
6.3 Import and Domestic Production
7. Regional Analysis
7.1 Riyadh
7.2 Jeddah
7.3 Qaseem
7.4 Makkah
7.5 Medina
8. e-Health - Gaining Major Government Focus
9. m-Health - Intensifying Usage in Healthcare Industry
10. Regulatory Environment
11. Competitive Landscape
11.1 Pharmaceutical
11.1.1 GlaxoSmithKline
11.1.2 Sanofi-Aventis
11.1.3 Pfizer Inc.
11.1.4 TABUK Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
11.1.5 SPIMACO
11.2 Hospitals
11.2.1 Obeid Specialized Hospital
11.2.2 King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre
11.2.3 King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital
11.2.4 Saad Specialist Hospital

List of Figures:

Figure 4-1: Healthcare Services Market (Billion SAR), 2010-2017
Figure 4-2: Healthcare Services Market by Inpatients and Outpatients (%), 2011 & 2015
Figure 4-3: Hospitals by Sector (%), 2011
Figure 4-4: Number of Hospital Beds (‘000), 2008-2011
Figure 4-5: Hospital Beds by Sector (%), 2011
Figure 4-6: Additional Demand of Number of Hospital Beds (2013-2017)
Figure 4-7: Forecast for Distribution of Incremental Bed Capacity by Sector (%), 2015
Figure 4-8: Breakup of Inpatients in Hospitals by Sector (%), 2011
Figure 4-9: Investment Required for Additional Demand of Hospital Beds (Billion SAR), 2013-2017
Figure 4-10: Budget Allocated for Healthcare and Social Services (Billion SAR), 2009-2013
Figure 4-11: Health Insurance Premium (Billion SAR), 2010-2017
Figure 5-1: Pharmaceutical Market (Billion US$), 2011-2017
Figure 5-2: Top Ten Players in Pharmaceutical Market by Sales Value (%), 2012
Figure 5-3: Share of Imported and Domestically Manufactured Drugs in Pharmaceutical Market (2012)
Figure 5-4: Top Pharmaceutical Products Import (%), 2012
Figure 5-5: Pharmaceutical Products Import by Country (%), 2012
Figure 5-6: Breakup of Pharmaceutical Market by Drug Class (%), 2012
Figure 5-7: Trade of Pharmaceutical Products in Saudi Arabia (2008-2010)
Figure 6-1: Medical Device Market (Billion US$), 2011-2017
Figure 6-2: Share of Medical Devices Manufacturing Companies by Region
Figure 6-3: Medical Equipment Import by Category (%) 2012
Figure 6-4: Medical Supplies Import by Category (%), 2012
Figure 6-5: Share of Imported and Domestically Manufactured Devices (2012)
Figure 6-6: Medical Devices Import by Country (%), 2012
Figure 7-1: Riyadh - MOH & Private Sector Hospitals (%), 2011
Figure 7-2: Jeddah - MOH & Private Sector Hospitals (%), 2011
Figure 7-3: Qaseem - MOH & Private Sector Hospitals (%), 2011
Figure 7-4: Makkah - MOH & Private Sector Hospitals (%), 2011
Figure 7-5: Medina - MOH & Private Sector Hospitals (%), 2011

List of Tables:

Table 4-1: Number of MOH Hospitals by Specialty (2011)
Table 4-2: Number of MOH Hospital Beds by Specialty (2011)
Table 4-3: Number of Other Government Hospital Beds by Specialty (2011)
Table 4-4: Number of Private Healthcare Facilities by Type (2011)
Table 4-5: Number of Private Hospital Beds by Specialty (2011)
Table 4-6: Number of Private Clinics by Specialty (2011)
Table 4-7: Medical Test Rates in Private Hospitals (SAR)
Table 4-8: Average Length of Stay and Bed Occupancy Rate in Different Type of Hospitals (2011)
Table 4-9: Number of Physicians by Sector (2011)
Table 4-10: Number of Nurses by Sector (2011)
Table 4-11: Number of Allied Health Workers by Sector (2011)
Table 5-1: Saudi Arabia’s Import of Pharmaceutical Products (Million US$), 2010
Table 7-1: Riyadh - Private and MOH Healthcare Infrastructure (2011)
Table 7-2: Riyadh - Healthcare Professional in MOH & Private Sector (2011)
Table 7-3: Jeddah - Private and MOH Healthcare Infrastructure (2011)
Table 7-4: Jeddah - Healthcare Professional in MOH & Private Sector (2011)
Table 7-5: Qaseem - Private and MOH Healthcare Infrastructure (2011)
Table 7-6: Qaseem - Healthcare Professional in MOH & Private Sector (2011)
Table 7-7: Makkah - Private and MOH Healthcare Infrastructure (2011)
Table 7-8: Makkah - Healthcare Professional in MOH & Private Sector (2011)
Table 7-9: Medinah - Private and MOH Healthcare Infrastructure (2011)
Table 7-10: Medinah - Healthcare Professional in MOH & Private Sector (2011)

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