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Over the past few years UAE's defense industry has achieved significant progress and considerable traction, as a result of the guidance and directives from the country’s leadership to broad-base its economic structure and resources to be able to reduce dependence on oil by 2030. While the larger focus is on developing local industries and manufacturing, the development of the defense industry is a specific but crucial aspect of that wider vision.

In the gulf region the UAE is at the forefront of defense and military industries and defense procurement. While UAE’s military supplies are mostly imported, its defense industries have established an international reputation with multiple capabilities with respect to army, navy, air force related capabilities and manufacturing. They have sophisticated, high tech capabilities, derived from joint ventures with major international companies and the resultant technology transfer and this has helped to put them on the road to defense self-sufficiency.

“UAE Defense Sector Opportunity Analysis” research report gives comprehensive insight on following issues pertaining to development of defense market in UAE:

Defense market Overview
Defense Market Dynamics
Emerging Market Trends
Defense Contracts & Equipment Procurement
Defense Contract & Offset Policy

1. UAE Defense Market Overview
1.1 Current Market Scenario
1.2 Defense Spending

2. Defense Market Dynamics
2.1 Favorable Market Indicators
2.2 Challenges to be Resolved
2.3 Future Growth Opportunity

3. Emerging Market Trends
3.1 Focus on Local Manufacturing of Defense Equipment
3.2 Strategic Partnership with International Companies
3.3 Air Force & Defense Command Modernization
3.4 Demand for Early Warning & Interceptor System
3.5 Domestically Developed Unmanned Drone Passes Test Flight

4. Defense Contracts & Equipment Procurement

5. UAE as Regional Defense Production Hub

6. Defense Contract & Offset Policy
6.1 Requirements of the Offset Program
6.2 Hybrid Model – Input & Output
6.3 Elements of the Offset Policy
6.4 Rationale for Implementing Offset Policy
6.5 Policy

7. Competitive Landscape
7.1 Advanced Military Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Centre
7.2 Tawazun Advanced Defense Systems
7.3 Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies
7.4 Abu Dhabi Autonomous Systems Investment
7.5 Advanced Integrated Systems
7.6 Burkan Munitions Systems
7.7 GA Land Systems

List of Figures

Figure 1-1: UAE Defence Spending, 2006-2011 (US$ Billion)
Figure 1-2: Defence spending as % of GDP, 2006-2011
Figure 1-3: Share of UAE in Global Defence Imports, 2008-2012
Figure 1-4: Share of UAE in GCC Arms Transfer Agreements, 2008-2012
Figure 1-5: Share of UAE in GCC Arms Delivery, 2008-2012
Figure 1-6: UAE & Oshkosh Corp – Mine Resistant All Terrain Vehicle Deal (US$ Million)
Figure 2-1: UAE Defence Spending, 2013-2018 (US$ Billion)
Figure 2-2: Share of UAE in GCC Arms Delivery, 2018
Figure 2-3: UAE – UAV Market Opportunity, 2015 & 2018 (US$ Million)
Figure 3-1: UAE - Fighter & Trainer Jet Market Potential
Figure 3-2: UAE - AWACS & Maritime Patrol Aircraft Market Potential
Figure 3-3: Spending on Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) System (US$ Billion), 2011 & 2012

List of Tables

Table 2-1: Additional Offset Policy Multiplier
Table 2-2: Offset Policy Multiplier

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