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Saudi Arabia consumes a large amount of fossil fuels to meet its domestic energy requirements, with transportation and power sectors being the largest consumers of crude oil in the country. Over the couple of decades, consumption of crude oil in Saudi Arabia has increased significantly due to rising power demand on account of increasing urbanization and industrialization. However, considering future energy requirements and concerns associated with increasing domestic oil consumption, Government of Saudi Arabia has announced a Renewable Energy Program involving an overall investment of USD109 billion to generate electricity from renewable energy sources. Being located within the equatorial Sunbelt and receiving abundant solar radiation throughout the year, Saudi Arabia offers immense potential for solar power generation.

According to “Saudi Arabia Solar Power Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2020”, solar power market in Saudi Arabia isprojected to witness phenomenal growth over the next five years. In the coming years, solar energy would be generated in the country by employing both photovoltaic (PV) technology and concentrated solar power (CSP) technology. According to the government’s Renewable Energy Program, 54 GW of renewable energy capacity would be installed by 2032, which includes 41 GW of solar energy capacity. “Saudi Arabia Solar Power Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2020” report elaborates following particula

1. Research Methodology
2. Analyst View
3. Product Overview
4. Global Solar Power Market Outlook
5. Saudi Arabia Power Sector Outlook
6. Saudi Arabia Solar Power Market Outlook
6.1. Market Size & Forecast
6.1.1. By Value
7. Saudi Arabia Solar Photovoltaic Market Outlook
7.1. Market Size & Forecast
7.1.1. By Value
8. Saudi Arabia Concentrated Solar Power Market Outlook
8.1. Market Size & Forecast
8.1.1. By Value
9. Market Dynamics
9.1. Drivers
9.2. Challenges
10. Market Trends and Developments
10.1. Declining Cost of PV Systems
10.2. Use of Solar Energy for Water Desalination
10.3. Large Utility Scale Solar Power Plants
10.4. Concentrated Solar Power
10.5. Growing Trend towards Renewables
11. Import Analysis
12. Policy & Regulatory Landscape
13. Saudi Arabia Economic Profile
14. Competitive Landscape
14.1. Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd.
14.2. Canadian Solar Inc.
14.3. Solar Frontier K.K
14.4. Soitec
14.5. ReneSola Ltd.
14.6. Phoenix Solar AG
14.7. Sun & Life
14.8. SunPower Corporation
14.9. Abengoa S.A.
14.10. National Solar Systems LLC
15. Strategic Recommendations

List of Figures

Figure 1:Global Solar Power Installed, By Capacity, 2010 – 2020F (GW)
Figure 2:Global Photovoltaic Solar Power Installed, By Capacity, 2010 – 2020F (GW)
Figure 3:Global Concentrated Solar Power Installed, By Capacity, 2010 – 2020F (GW)
Figure 4:Fuel Types Used in Electricity Production, 2013
Figure 5:Saudi Arabia Electricity Consumption, By Sector, 2013
Figure 6: Saudi Arabia Power Generation, By Company, 2013
Figure 7:Saudi Arabia Impact of Renewable Power on Fossil Fuel, 2013-2032
Figure 8:Saudi Arabia Solar Power Market Size, By Value, 2015E–2020F (USD Million)
Figure 9:Saudi Arabia Photovoltaic (PV) Market Size, By Value, 2015E–2020F (USD Million)
Figure 10:Saudi Arabia Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Market Size, By Value, 2016–2020F (USD Million)
Figure 11:Saudi Arabia Horizontal Solar Radiation Map
Figure 12:Saudi Arabia Renewable Energy Targets, 2014-2032 (MW)
Figure 13: Saudi Arabia Oil & Gas Production and Consumption Trend, 2000, 2010 & 2020E (Million Metric Tons)
Figure 14:Competitive Procurement Round Process
Figure 15:Canadian Solar Inc., Financial Analysis, 2009-2013
Figure 16:Soitec, Financial Analysis, 2010-2014
Figure 17:ReneSola Ltd., Financial Analysis, 2010-2013
Figure 18:Phoenix Solar AG, Financial Analysis, 2009-2013
Figure 19:SunPower Corporation, Financial Analysis, 2009-2013
Figure 20:Abengoa S.A., Financial Analysis, 2010-2014

List of Tables

Table 1:Comparisons of Fuel Prices Paid by Electricity Producers in the Saudi Arabia with International Prices, 2013
Table 2: Saudi Arabia Electricity Industry Outlook
Table 3:Saudi Arabia Power Generation, By Company, 2013
Table 4:Saudi Arabia Solar Power Projects Commissioned/Announced
Table 5:Comparison of PV and CSP Technology
Table 6:Solar Technology Cost Comparison in Saudi Arabia, 2012
Table 7:Power Reduction Rate for Different Types of PV Due to Temperature
Table 8:Saudi Arabia Desalination Water Production Cost, By Technology, By Energy Source, 2012
Table 9:Saudi Arabia Import of Photosensitive Semi-conductor Devices, Country-Wise, By Value, 2008 - 2012 (USD Thousand)
Table 10:Saudi Arabia Target Power Capacities, 2032
Table 11:Saudi Arabia Solar Power Technology Specific Targets (MW)
Table 12:KACARE Competitive Procurement Process (CPP) Key Features
Table 13:Competitive Matrix, 2014

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