Snapchat Launches its On-Demand Geofilters in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Snapchat, the US-based image sharing application, has launched its On-Demand Geofilters in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Now, Saudis can enhance their photos and videos by designing the Geofilters themselves and buying them at for prices starting at USD 5.


The On-Demand Geofilters, originally launched in February 2016 in the US, can be used by anyone- any layman, professional or business entity. Its usage is similar to that of other Snapchat filters. In case Live Stories are overlapping or areas carry some kind of cultural significance, On-Demand Geofilters can be turned off.

To make it more ‘Saudi-friendly’, Snapchat has made sure that speakers of Arabic language review each submission within the Kingdom. The US-firm has also weaved policies that go in accordance with the cultural, legal and ethical norms and rules of the country. Another feature called ‘Community Geofilter’ has also been made available to the Saudis. This tool can include details like the name of the city and the neighbourhood.

Making a Geofilter is a simple procedure. There are two types of On-Demand Geofilters namely-A Business Geofilter and a Personal Geofilter. Companies can use Business Geofilters if they want to promote their brands and logos. Personal Geofilters can be used for enhancing pictures of events like birthday, weddings, etc. One thing to be borne in mind is that you cannot use urls, email ids, and phone numbers of individuals on your images.

Following are the steps to create your On-Demand Geofilters:
1. Go to Snapchat’s website and design your Geofilter as per Snapchats guidelines and specifications. The filter is supposed to have a transparent background with a resolution of 1080 by 1920 pixels and a size under 300KB. Only 25% of the screen is recommended to be used for Geofilters, either on the top of the screen or the bottom. In case you are confused about how to design the filter, you can take reference from Snapchat’s templates that are available in Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop format.

2. It will be wise to test the designed filter with different pictures so as to to see how appropriate it looks in different situations.

3. After your designing gets completed, go to Snapchat’s website, click on ‘Create Now’ and upload your design using your Snapchat account login details. A preview of your image will be shown to you. You can also name your image.

“Snapchat’s On-Demand Geofilter will change the way Saudi Arabian firms promote their brands; a fresh marketing technique.”


4. Next, for how many days do you wish your filter to run? Enter the desired duration carefully as it cannot be changed once submitted and prices of the filters are determined by this.

5. Now, select an area of your choice by entering the location name/address in the search bar. Then, draw a fence around that area. Note that the area shouldn’t exceed 5mn sq ft.

6. Once the above steps are completed, Snapchat will send you a few mails for order confirmation. And it’s done.. you are live now.

The launch of On-Demand Geofilters could bring about a huge change in Saudi Arabia as social media marketing has never been so popular in the country before this. Let’s see which enterprises/ business organisations are going to be its early adopters and how efficiently they are going to use it.

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